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         Walking in the Montagnola senese


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On a clear day you can see Corsica

To the south is the little isle of Montecristo. Alexandre Dumas visited the uninhabited island of Montecristo in 1842 and was inspired to use the craggy, windswept rock as the setting for his novel The Count Of Monte Cristo.


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Ile de Montecristo, Italie, vue aérienne

Vue aérienne de l'ïle de Montecristo dans l'archipel toscan en Italie



Montecristo was made famous by the French novelist Alexandre Dumas in his classic The Count of Monte Cristo, a story of revenge, honour and buried treasure.
The island is uninhabited but 1,000 tourists are allowed to visit each year under a tightly-controlled permit system. In 2012, while the island of Giglio was dealing with the aftermath of the Costa Concordia disaster, its neighbor Montecristo was overrun by black rats.
Both islands are part of the Tuscan archipelago and part of Europe's largest marine reserve.
Authorities were planning to use aircraft to bombard the uninhabited nature reserve with around 26 tons of poison pellets in a bid to tackle the infestation.
And just when authorities thought they had found a solution to their vermin problem (a.k.a. using aircraft to bombard Montecristo with 26 tons of poisonous pellets), environmental groups have put a spanner in the works, The Telegraph reports.


Tox Montecristo depuis ND des Graces        
The island of Montecristo view from the chapel Notre-Dame des Grâces, Tox, Castagniccia (Corsica)


Map of Montecristo | Map


[1] This illustration was made by Pierre Bona.
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