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Albarese | Parco Naturale delle Maremma


Colline Metallifere

la costa Toscana

Walking along the Tuscan coast

Crete Senesi

Abbazia di Monte Oliveto Maggiore



Montagnola Senese

         Walking in the Montagnola senese


Monte Amiata

         Walking on Monte Amiata





          Fonti di Siena



Val d'Elsa

Val d'orcia




          San Quirico d'Orcia


          Walking in the Val d'Orcia

Val di Chiana



Valle d'Ombrone























Podere Santa Pia, authentic Tuscan fireplace in the kitchen

Toacana ] Galleria di immagini  

Authentic Tuscan Fireplace

Podere Santa Pia has a fantastic rustic ambiance featuring an authentic Tuscan fireplace in the kitchen and a beautiful pizza oven inside the house. Read here how to use it.


Authentic Tuscan Fireplace

Cooking in an indoor fireplace is romantic and although bit primal, it’s definitely fun and produces delicious food.
The fireplace is the oldest indoor grill. The inviting smell of a roaring fire in a fireplace transport you in another world.
The ancient Romans called it a focus (hearth), and its central role in cooking, domestic well-being, and promoting general human happiness made it the literal and spiritual focal point of the home[2].


Authentic Tuscan Fireplace

Fire is where magic happens. Tuscan fireplace Podere Santa Pia



Pizza oven

The best pizza is pizza baked in a ferociously hot oven. The oven will heat up and over time start to cool, by using these phases of heat, one can achieve a range of cooking styles. Depending on the cooking technique, move the embers and flames towards the back or side of the oven, or alternatively spread the embers across the oven floor. Maintain temperature by adding more wood accordingly. After a few hours, when the oven is less hot, one can bake bread and roast meats.


Pizza e pane

After a few hours, when the oven is less hot, one can bake bread and roast meats.


  Wood Fired Pizza Oven
Wood Fired Pizza Oven
  Pizza oven
This large pizza oven provides ample capacity to prepare multiple pizzas or other dishes

Pizza oven


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