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Walking in Tuscany

Walking From Montepulciano to Montefollonico


Toacana ] Galleria di immagini  

Walking in Tuscany | Walking From Montepulciano to Montefollonico


Montepulciano is perched on a hill and the entire town slopes at a steep gradient culminating in the magnificent Piazza Grande which houses the Communal Palace and the main cathedral. The town offers many interesting medieval and Renaissance churches, and buildings to explore along with narrow side streets and alleyways that take you to magnificent viewpoints of the surrounding countryside.
A steep 20-minute downhill walk from Porta dei Grassi takes you to the photogenic Tempio di San Biagio, a travertine Renaissance church designed by Sangallo in the XVI century.


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One of the highest of the Tuscan hill-towns, Montepulciano is built along a narrow tufa ridge, with a long main street and alleys that drop away to the walls. The Piazza Grande is built on the highest point of the ridge.
Start in Montepulciano’s Piazza Grande and take the panoramic path to Porta dei Grassi, where you will encounter the Tempio di San Biagio. Then take the Via dei Canneti until you reach the intersection with Via delle Colombelle. The path follows the mountain ridge and leads you through the Nobile vineyards to the oratory of Sant'Anna in Via dei Colli, in the foothills of Montefollonico. Stop in Montefollonico for lunch. Return by the same route.

Approximate distance: 6km
Time: 2+ hours

The trail is generally pretty well marked by Italian standards with white and red blazes.

From Montepulciano’s Piazza Grande, go down Via Ricci until you get to an intersection of three streets. Turn left under an arch where you should see a sign, “San Biagio”, and keep walking down, straight ahead as your road zigzags down to an arch, a former city gate.
For a full and detailed description see Traveling in Tuscany | Walking From Montepulciano to Montefollonico


Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Biagio


The unusual Basilica di San Biagio built by Sangallo in the XVI century [Photo, Josep Renalias]


Photru gallery Montepuciano



San Biago, Montepulciano, foto storica     Teatro della Società dei Concordi

San Biagio, Montepulciano, foto storica



Palazzo Nobili-Tarugi, Montepulciano


  Teatro della Società dei Concordi

Chiesa di San Biagio




San Biagio outside   Montepulciano - Madonna di San Biagio - Interior3   Chiesa di San Biagio, interno

San Biagio, esterno



San Biagio, cupola


  Chiesa di San Biagio, interno

Galleria fotografica Montefollonico | Ruderi del monastero di Santa Maria



TorritaDiSienaMontefollonicoPanorama2   TorritaDiSienaMontefollonicoPanorama   Montefollonico, Porta del Triano






  Montefollonico, Porta del Triano
Montefollonico, Porta Nuova   Monastero Santa Maria interno   Monastero Santa Maria sud-est
Montefollonico, Porta Nuova

Ruderi del monastero di Santa Maria, Montefollonico. Particolare del portale che si apre sul muro perimetrale (visto dall'interno).


   Ruderi del monastero di Santa Maria, Montefollonico. Vista da sud-est

Immerse yourself into the rhythms of la dolce vita on an unforgettable journey through the Val d’Orcia, explore the winding cipress roads and architectural wonders around San Quirico d’Orcia, Pienza and Montalcino with our Hiking Suggestions.

Walking from Montalcino to San Quirico d'Orcia   Circular walk Pienza (Porta al Prato) - Spedaletto - La Cappella Vitaleta   Anello San Quirico d'Orcia - Capella di Vitaleta

Walking from Montalcino to San Quirico d'Orcia


  Circular walk Pienza (Porta al Prato) - Spedaletto - La Cappella Vitaleta   Anello San Quirico d'Orcia - Capella di Vitaleta
Anello Pienza - Bagno Vignoni   Cappella della Madonna di Vitaleta   Cypress trees in the Val d'Orcia
Anello Pienza - Bagno Vignoni  

San Quirico d'Orcia, Cappella della Madonna di Vitaleta


  Cypress trees in the Val d'Orcia

Trekking Val d'Orcia


Hidden secrets in Tuscany Tuscan farmhouses | Podere Santa Pia

Celebrare il dolce far niente
Podere Santa Pia

Podere Santa Pia



Restaurants in Montefollonico

Ristorante dei 13 Gobb
Via Lando di Duccio, 5, 53040 Montefollonico

Osteria La Botte Piena
Piazza Dionisa Cinughi, 12, 53040 Montefollonico |

Relais La Costa
Via Coppoli, N. 11 al N. | Centro Historico, Montefollonico |
La Costa was the old village farm and was owned by the Marquis Scipione Bargagli, the Prime Minister under the Tuscan Grand Duchy Pietro Leopoldo II, as attested in numerous documents preserved by the present owners. The farm played a primary role in selecting and preserving the products of the various "estates", plots of land with a house alongside and run by a family of sharecroppers or mezzadri (the traditional Tuscan manner of running an estate: half the harvest to the owner and half to the worker), there being as many as 30 in the 18th century, under the surveillance of a "bailiff" (a man trusted by the feudal lord-owner) as well as offering work for farm workers and, if needed, protection for the inhabitants of Montefollonico.

Ristorante La Chiusa di Dania Masotti
Via della Madonnina, 88 - 53040 Montefollonico (SI)

La Chiusa is an old stone farmhouse whose restaurant is so well known that guests come from far and wide. Dania and Umberto Lucherini are the gracious owners and Dania is the talented chef. The emphasis here is definitely on the exquisite meals, but there are also bedrooms for guests who want to spend the night.
Dania Masotti is one of the 2 owners and chief of the kitchen from the famous restaurant "La Chiusa" in Montefollonico. "La Chiusa" is one of the best restaurants in Tuscany, located in a former oil-mill.
Together with author Yvonne Tempelmann Dania Maotti has published 2 cookbooks with culinary specialities of the Italian kitchen.

Al Botteghino
Localita' Osteria Delle Noci 25, 53049 Montefollonico


On a clear day you can see Corsica

Podere Santa Pia, view from the terrace. To the south is the little isle of Montecristo (on the left), the name of which captured the imagination of Alexandre Dumas. On a clear day you can even see Corsic (on the right), 250 km away

Walking From Montepulciano to Montefollonico; ETC | Walking_From_Montepulciano_to_Montefollonico_ETC-Montepulciano_Tuscany.html