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Siena, Palazzo Sansedoni on the Piazza del Campo


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Siena, Palazzo Sansedoni op de Piazza del Campo


Palazzo Sansedoni is a Gothic style urban palace and tower, whose concave facade is situated facing the Palazzo Pubblico across the Piazza del Campo in the political center of the city of Siena, region of Tuscany, Italy.


The palace was erected after the mid-13th century fusing nearly five private homes, and closing one of the access points to the Piazza. There exists a 1340 design by Agostino di Giovanni. Completion of the palace took nearly a century. In 1466, the owner, Tofo di Cecco Sansedoni, was requested to complete the Piazza facade, and fill in many of the window arches. The street side was satisfactorily completed.[1] Some sources report the tower was truncated in order to not have it taller than the Torre del Mangia.[2] The ground floor would have had many shops lining the street and campo.[3]


Map Palazzo Sansedoni on the Piazza del Campo | Enlarge map


The palace underwent numerous alterations, and the palace as we see it in 2014 is due to a refurbishment in pure original gothic style by the architect Ferdinando Ruggieri. The trifore mullioned windows now appear to be partially blocked by a lower brick wall. The interior has decorations (1645-1760) completed by Gian Domenico Ferretti and Anton Domenico Gabbiani. Gabbiani painted a Glory of the Blessed Ambrogio Sansedoni for the private chapel.



Sano di Pietro, Saint Peter Alessandrino between the Blessed Andrea Gallerani and Ambrogio Sansedoni, Palazzo Pubblico , Sala delle Lupe


Palau Sansedoni de Siena

Palazzo Sansedoni on the Piazza del Campo. The trifore mullioned windows now appear to be partially blocked by a lower brick wall. [1]


In 2015, the palace has offices and exhibition spaces for the Fondazione Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena.[4]


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  Palazzo Sansedoni   Palazzo piccolomini, siena, cortile 04

Vista meravigliosa dall Archivio di Stato sulla Torre del Mangia e su parte della piazza del Campo


  Palazzo Sansedoni [1]   Palazzo Piccolomini, Banchi di Sotto, Siena

[1] Photo by Joanbanjo, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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