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          Walking in the Montagnola Senese


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          Walking in the Val d'Orcia

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Val d'Orcia

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Radicofani [1]


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Radicofani | Byways in southern Tuscany (1919)

Fontana Medicea


La Fontana Medicea fatta costruire dal Granduca Ferdinando I dei Medici nel 1603 per i bisogni dei viandanti di fronte alla grandiosa Posta. Di gusto manieristico, sopra la fontana riporta un cartiglio che spiega il motivo della sua costruzione, sopra ancora le statue di due angeli in travertino che sorreggono un grande stemma medico. La fontana utilizzava l'acqua della vicina sorgente di Fonte Grande, portata appositamente con un condotto, nel retro della fontana due piccoli ambienti ad uso lavatoi per i servizi della Posta.



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Photo album Abbey of Sant'Antimo

October in Val D'Orcia   Radicofani 1  
San Quirico d'Orcia - lo.tangelini
Radicofani, panorama  

Radicofani e la Val d'Orcia



Val d'Orcia album


081213 picture radicofani-old-town   RadicofaniBorgoPanorama   Vontignano
Radicofani - Veduta dalla rocca  

Radicofani - Veduta dalla rocca


  Contignano, vista del paese e della Val d'Orcia imbiancata
Radicofani - Crete Senesi, veduta dalla Rocca di Radicofani   Radicofani - Chiesa di San Pietro   Radicofani Church St.Peter

Radicofani - Crete Senesi, veduta dalla Rocca di Radicofani


  Radicofani - Chiesa di San Pietro   Radicofani - Chiesa di San Pietro
RadicofaniPieveSanPietro   Radicofani, mastio della Rocca   Radicofani,entrata e mastio della Rocca

Radicofani, Pieve di San Pietro veduta dalla Rocca


  Radicofani, mastio della Rocca   Radicofani, entrata e mastio della Rocca
Radicofani Fortezza 3   Radicofani, Porta della Fortezza   The castle at sunset - the tower | Mastio della Fortezza di Radicofani

Radicofani, Fortezza


  Porta della Fortezza   The castle at sunset - the tower | Il Mastio della Fortezza di Radicofani
ContignanoRadicofaniPanorama4   ContignanoRadicofaniPiazza   Chiesa Santa Maria Assunta in Contignano, frazione di f Radicofan

Contignano (Radicofani): vista del paese e della Val d'Orcia


  Contignano (Radicofani), piazza   Contignano (Radicofani), Chiesa Santa Maria Assunta

Katharine Hooker, Byways in southern Tuscany, 1919 (1910s)

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now it has become a fairy tale told to children.Thus it runs: When, in 1316, Louis X of France died at the age oftwenty-six, leaving a young wife and a little daughterJeanne, his brother Philip became regent, as the queenwas expecting another child, and until it could be knownwhether she would bear a son the succession could not beestablished. Now Philip had an ambitious mother-in-law, theCountess of Bourgogne, a woman greedy of power, whoardently desired that the looked-for child might be adaughter, for in that case her son-in-law would becomeking and she herself might contrive to have a share in thegovernment. Great was her disappointment, therefore,when five months later the queen gave birth to a boy.According to the custom of the time, the infant was giveninto the care of those barons of the realm highest inrank, one of whose duties it was to choose as nurse to theroyal child the person best fitted for that office. Hearingthat a young Parisian of noble family had just borne a 134

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oi BYWAYS IN SOUTHERN TUSCANY child, and finding her position and circumstances suitablethey entrusted the little prince to her. It was a sorrowful foster-mother who accepted thischarge, for Maria de Charti was mourning for her younghusband from whom she had been forcibly separated.This husband was a Sienese youth of the Tolomei family,by name Guccio di Baglione, who had come to Paris tolook after the mercantile affairs of his uncle, and thebrothers of Maria becoming friendly to him he spentmuch time at their palazzo, and frequently went huntingwith them. It was not long before he fell in love with thebeautiful daughter of the house, and without confiding inher parents or brothers they were secretly married, andthus lived until Marias condition made it necessary forthem to confess. A storm followed, neither parents norbrothers would tolerate an alliance so far beneath the rankof their family, for although Guccio belonged to one of thenoble lines of Siena he had disqualified himself by

Katharine Hooker, Byways in southern Tuscany, 1919 (1910s)

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Katharine Hooker : a memoir by  Samuel Marshall Ilsley

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Cinigiano. Tuscany is celebrated for its beauty and its magnificent light. This is a view on the valley below Podere Santa Pia, characterized by all the elementts of the Tuscany landscape: vineyards, pastures, wheat fields and olive groves. #travelingintuscany#poderesantapia