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Val d'Orcia

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Pienza, situated in the province of Siena, in the Val d'Orcia between the towns of Montepulciano and Montalcino, is the 'touchstone' of Renaissance urbanism.
Pienza was rebuilt from a village called Corsignano, which was the birthplace of Enea Silvio Piccolomini, a Renaissance humanist who later became Pope Pius II. It has been designated as part of the world-wide heritage of humanity by UNESCO.

Although Sienese, Pope Pius II had actually been born in a small town south of Siena called Corsignano. Beginning in 1459, he attempted to establish this town as a papal seat. In 1462 he rechristened it Pienza in honour of himself, rated it to a bishopric, and hired Bernardo Rossellino, who had previously been a capomaestro on Nicholas V's new apse and transepts for St Peter's and had worked in an elaborated classicising style in Florence, to transform its centre into a suitably coherent setting for the town's new status.
Rosselino's plan was determined in part by pre-existing streets, by the medieval town hall at the site, and by the precipitous drop of the hill where Pius planned a new cathedral. To either side of the cathedral Rosselino placed the bishop's palace and Pius's own palace, forming a trapezoidal piazza. Pius's own coat-of-arms appears prominently in the gable of the cathedral, whose triple-arched façade recalls ancient Roman triumphal arches.


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1 Cattedrale dell'Assunta
2 Palazzo Piccolomini
3 Museo della Cattedrale
4 Palazzo Comunale
5 Palazzo Ammanati

  Pienza, Palazzo Comunale  

Pienza, Pozzo dei Cani in the Piazzo Pio II



Palazzo Comunale


Porta al Prato o porta al Murello, affresco, Pienza

Porta al Prato o porta al Murello, with a fresco of the Piazza Pio II, Pienza

Photo Gallery Pienza






Pienza, panorama   San francesco - interno (pienza)   Romitorio di Pienza



      Romitorio di Pienza
Qk-Pienza-Duomo-11     Pienza, Palazzo Piccolomini, cortile

Pienza, Palazzo Piccolomini, cortile


Pieve Corsignano esterno   Pieve Corsignano interno   Pienza, Palazzo Piccolomini, giardino

Pieve dei Santi Vito e Modesto a Corsignano



Pieve Corsignano interno


  Pienza, Palazzo Piccolomini, giardino
The frazioni Cosona (9,12 km), La Foce (12,64 km), Monticchiello (5,41 km) and Spedaletto (5,38 km) are part of the community Pienza.


Holiday accomodation in Tuscany

Visitors to Tuscany come for many reasons. Many come in search of fine art and medieval history, others to explore the extraordinary countryside and its rolling hills.
Located on the outskirts of Castiglioncello Bandini, Podere Santa Pia is one of the best places to slow travel in southern Tuscany. Santa Pia offers the quiet tranquility of a private retreat, with numerous attractions, beautiful nature reserves and unspoilt beaches within easy reach.
Explore the medieval hillside villages of Sovicille, Civitella Paganico and Montalcino on your way to Siena, watch the Ponte della Pia near the Eremo di Rosia and try some Vino Nobile and Brunello wines in Montepulciano and Montalcino, counted among the most prestigious of Italian wines, cities where the refined beauty of the squares and churches blends perfectly with the ancient traditions of its red wines.

Tuscany Holiday Homes | Podere Santa Pia


Colline sotto Podere Santa Pia

Val d'Orcia" tra Montalcino Pienza e San Quirico d’Orcia


  Podere Santa Pia  
Colline sotto Podere Santa Pia
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Podere Santa Pia
, con una vista indimenticabile sulla Maremma Toscana,
fino al mare e Isola Montecristo


Podere Santa Pia, situated in one of the most idyllic parts of Tuscany, overlooking the hills of
the Valle d'Ombrone, the sea and Monte Christo